Chasing Adventures Helped Me Find Myself

My name is Olivia Fazio; I’m a writer who is passionate about traveling and advocating for mental health, as well as environmental issues. I’m a sophomore at Southern Oregon University, majoring in communications with a focus on social media and public engagement and minoring in outdoor adventure leadership. My goal is to inspire and guide others on a journey to self discovery and happiness through my recently launched travel/lifestyle blog, Adventure With Livs. I’ve discovered that chasing after the things I love to do, such as traveling and being outdoors, has helped me to manage my anxiety and find a purpose in life. My hope is that by sharing my experiences, I will be able to provide guidance to others who may feel overwhelmed or stuck.

If you’re interested in learning more about me and my adventures, check out my Instagram and Twitter, or follow me here on Medium. Also, feel free to visit my blog for travel destinations and adventure lifestyle tips!



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