President Biden’s Plans to Address the Climate Crisis

Within his first day in office, President Joe Biden has already taken strides towards combating the climate crisis. He has led America to rejoin the Paris Agreement, just hours after being sworn into office. America ranks second, only behind China, in greenhouse gas emissions, therefore, it is vastly important that our country moves to tackle climate change. The climate crisis is not simply a national problem, it’s a worldwide issue that will require every country to address.

In addition to signing America back into the Paris Agreement, President Biden has moved to block the Keystone XL Pipeline, prohibited oil leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and called for a review on regulations put in place by the Trump administration that could be damaging to the environment. He and Vice President Kamala Harris have made it clear that they know climate change is real and will trust the scientists who are studying it.

President Biden has voiced his goal of reaching zero net emission by 2050, though he hopes it will be sooner. Furthermore, he plans on tackling the energy sector by achieving 100 percent clean energy by 2035. One of the first steps to reach these goals will be to move the country away from fossil fuels. America has fallen behind in combating the climate crisis, and many challenges stand in the way, specifically the alarming rate at which global warming is increasing, however, President Biden’s actions are a major step towards a better future for the planet.



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